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From the Artist

Moments... That's what it all comes down to, MOMENTS that make life worthwhile. Everyone has a life story made up of those moments. It is my goal to help you tell your story through pictures that capture the moment. I work on location with natural light whenever possible. My style is relaxed with less artificial smiles and posing and more interaction with me and with each other. I strive to capture glimpses of each unique personality. Tell your stories with the moments we capture for generations to come.

Thank you for your interest in my art. I would love to talk with you personally.


Sandy's Story

Sandy Brantley's path to photography has been somewhat unconventional, so we thought you might want to know more about how she started.

Sandy graduated from Stetson University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She married the love of her life only a month after graduation and is still happy to be Mrs. Sean Brantley. They have 2 children, Doug and Sami. Sandy was VP of Enterprise Systems Management when she decided climbing the corporate ladder in a fortune 50 company was competing with her most important job of raising and caring for her two young children. She left to stay home with her children while they were still young. She found herself with time to hone talents she had always enjoyed, but never had the time to persue. Sandy has done many interesting things along the way. She wrote a book, founded and sold a scrapbooking education manufacturing company, and even worked on Home Shopping Network (HSN) as an on-air guest host. As a favor to a friend, she started shooting weddings as a second shooter. That was it...she was hooked. The rest is history. We are happy that she ventured out on her own and started Sandy Brantley Photography. Her passion for the craft continually drives her to find the latest and greatest in technology and in the art that is photography. We think it shows.